Tech Support

Here you will find wiring diagrams and basic information on how to install various products we sell, Click on the image to enlarge or view the install guide. 

88cc install guide (click photo to view)

 Basic wiring diagram with LED light (click photo to view)

 Basic wiring diagram for non LED light (click photo to view)

  Stator rebuild kit wiring (click photo to view)

   Atc/trx frame and engine identification (click photo to view)

 6v H.V oil pump install  (click photo to view)
     Ignition coil test (click photo to view)
  Footbrake template guide (click photo to view)
                                   Sprocket combos 




Q: Which ring is the top ring in the 88cc or 114cc big bore kit?
A:The silver colored ring goes on top, the matte gray goes in the middle. The letter on the rings face up.
Q: What should I set the valve lash/gap at on my 88cc or 114cc race head?
A: You should set it with the motor at top dead center on the compression stroke. The gap should be .003-.004
Q: Do I have to run a battery when I have a LED light?
A: Yes. LED lights usually require 9-16volts DC current. The stator output is AC current and goes very high at high rpm. You will also need a regulator/rectifier to charge the battery. You will damage/ruin your LED light if you try to run it directly!
Q: My new TRX70 stator kit has two yellow wires, or a yellow and a white wire. What do these hook to?
A: If your new TRX70 stator kit has these wires, don't worry, you wont need them to operate the bike. These are additional outputs to charge a battery and/or run lights.
Q: What is the green/red wire for in my stock ATC70/TRX70 stator? There isn't one in the new kit I just bought.
A: The green/red wire comes wired on most Honda motors and is for a neutral indicator light. It is not needed on the ATC70/TRX70