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Recoil kit#2 (aftermarket engine)

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  • This kit is made to use with your original ATC70 or TRX70 side case on Chinese Engines. You will have to grind out an inner part of the ATC70 sidecase in order for it to clear the pulser unit on the new cdi motors.
  • Removal of the flywheel is required
  • This kit includes a new HD Recoil Starter, a steel grabber cage, and a aluminum adapter plate.
  • The ATC70 kit includes an additional spacer plate. All mounting hardware is included. You will need to drill and tap the flywheel on the new engine to mount the grabber cage.
  • This kit will not fit onto the stock ATC70 or TRX70 engines. 
  • Note: You will need to remove the flywheel before attempting to drill and tap it.
  • Available in black or silver
  • Will not work on e-start engines